The low point

Trackman recently introduced a new measurement parameter on their software. However low point isn’t a new concept. Whats great about having this now on trackman is the ability to measure your low point. I also use this to measure success in drills or concepts when changing low point.

So what is low point: Is the lowest part of the arc of the golf swing. This should ideally be about 4 inches after the ball when hitting a 6 iron. This does however change per club and when you try to alter the trajectory of the shot.

What is Low Point?

A lot of amateur golfers low point tends to be before the ball, causing fat and thin contacts. This quite often stems from conceptual ideas. They see success as the ball going up in the air so try to lift the ball up. Also so many people believe they need to keep their head down to strike the ball correctly. This is a myth. You just need to look at David Duval or Annika Sörenstam to see this.

People often under estimate how much conceptual ideas affect their pattern of movement. They need to be clear about what they are trying to achieve even if its very simple.

Click here to watch my series on how to control your low point. It will cover varies drills and concepts.