Putting lesson with Dr Paul Hurrion 

I recently visited Dr Paul Hurrion at the Quitic Studio in Sutton Coldfield. A must visit for all golfers.

Paul has been a friend on mine for sometime and I have had a few lessons from him over the years.

However this was my first lesson at his new studio. Paul has got a set up there. Its a great studio to work from. It has all the equipment you would want to analyse any players putting stroke.

The main piece of equipment is his ball roll software. This is essentially a launch monitor for putting. Using high speed cameras and markings on the ball the software measures the ball as it leaves the putter.

It measures first point of true roll, side spin and launch to name just a few.

It also measure what the putter does during the stroke so you can look at club face rotation for example.

This is really a great experience if you are looking to improve your putting.

Obviously just having information isn’t going to improve you, you have to know what to do with it. Thats where Paul’s expertise comes in.

Paul has coached over 50 tour professionals including Padraig Harrington , Rory Mcllroy.

Paul is able to quickly look at the data and the motion to come up with simple solutions to improve your putting.

Within this the type of putter is also considered as you will see in my youtube clip of this experience.

His self made grid is a great learning tool. it enables you to see visually the aim and loft of the putter at set up.

If you are looking to take you putting to the next level I would recommend making a trip to Pauls studio.

Click here to watch my putting lesson.