Alistair - I'm enjoying your videos very much and I'm learning a ton. Thanks for all the hard work and effort you are putting in to your Videos.

Jesse Vardaman

If this isn't the best golf coach on you tube I don't know who is!

K. John Leckie

Alistair is a excellent coach, mentor and role model. He is a extremely hard worker and always find ways to improve and become more knowledgeable about the fundamentals of the golf swing and golf itself. Alistair also adapts very well to each players needs and always finds the best method to help each individual player achieve their goals. Personally I have been working with Alistair for over 8 years and he has been a huge help both on and off the course, this has been a huge help to my golf swing and game. I currently play off a handicap of plus 2 and have goals of playing professionally. Without all of Alistair’s hard work, patience and structure I wouldn’t of achieved the success so far in my golfing career. I would always recommend Alistair to anyone who plays golf what ever level they are at weather it be just starting, elite or professional levels.    

Freddie Sheridan-Mills

Alistair was recommended to me by a friend and when I first met Alistair I was a 26 handicap and playing much worse. After working with Alistair over a period of time my handicap is now down to 20 and is very much still on a downward trajectory. Key to this has been Alistair’s approach to learning. His style is collaborative, he breaks his learning objectives down in to small manageable chunks and never gives you more than a couple of areas to work on. Alistair is not like other coaches – if he can see one drill is not achieving the desired results he will approach a problem from a different angle, rather than persevering with something that isn’t working. He realises the importance of an all-round focus to golf improvement e.g. biomechanics, flexibility, mental toughness and can recommend a number of other professionals to assist in these areas. !!!!!!


Lindsay’s words